About RABS

The Russian Association of Baltic Studies (RABS) is an interdisciplinary professional association of researchers on the history and current state of the Baltic states.

The goals and objectives of the RABS:

  • bringing together Russian specialists to develop an objective domestic expert view on the Baltic Sea region;
  • sharing of knowledge on social and human research of the Baltic states;
  • organizing and holding activities aimed at the development of communication of experts in Baltic studies.

The Baltic theme has always been relevant for Russian political and geographical science, but until recently in the scientific and expert space there was a serious lack of a system platform for communication, discussions of the experience and directions of the development of the Baltic statehood, and the development of a consolidated objective expert position on topical issues.

At the end of 2015, the leading Russian researchers of the Baltic sea region decided to create the Russian Association of Baltic Studies. The founders of the Association were I. Novikova, N. Mezhevich and D. Khaspekova.